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Assam the beautiful destination

Residing in the picturesque state of Assam in Northeast India, with its capital city being the well-connected entry point of Guwahati, I find myself surrounded by the natural splendor and abundant resources of this region. Guwahati, boasting developed railways, surface transways, and airways, serves as a gateway to the entire Northeast, connecting seamlessly with the rest of India.

Assam is rich not only in its natural beauty but also in valuable resources like tea, coal, and oil. Digboi, in Tinsukia District, hosts the world's first crude oil refinery established in 1901, with the oldest operational oil well. The town offers more than just industry, featuring a golf course for enthusiasts and hosting major tournaments annually.

Explore Assam's tea estates, renowned for producing a significant portion of India's black tea. Cinamara Jorhat, where Maniram Diwan initiated tea cultivation, continues to yield tea. While Assam tea is celebrated for its robust liquor, Darjeeling tea is famed for its aromatic qualities.

Beyond being the Tea Capital of India and an oil hub, Assam's allure lies in its untouched natural beauty. While still underrated by tourists, Assam's valleys, mountains, rivers, wildlife, and orchids leave an indelible impression on those who visit.

The Brahmaputra River offers an array of attractions, from water sports to aquatic life to the world's largest freshwater river island. Sanctuaries like Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Gibbon Forest Reserve, and Orang National Park captivate visitors with their diverse wildlife. Assam is adorned with a plethora of flowers and orchids, complemented by the magical beauty of the Blue Mountains and hills.

Assam's spiritual landscape includes temples and worship places spread across the state, such as Hajo, Kamakhya, Shivdol, Ajan Fakir Dargah, Bordowa, and Nagaon Srimanta Sankardev's birthplace. Historical monuments like Talatal Ghar, Kareng Ghar, Sujya Pahar, and Bir Lachit Moidam showcase a unique architectural heritage with some resemblances to Egypt's pyramids.

Bihu, celebrated as the state festival, encapsulates different rituals at various times, including Rongali Bihu, Kaatii Bihu, and Magh Bihu, each tied to the farming calendar. The famous one-horned rhino species finds its home in Kaziranga, while Dibru-saikhowa serves as a bird sanctuary.

Assam, with its tropical weather, offers pleasant conditions when the rest of India grapples with extreme temperatures. The mornings are invigorating, and the sunrise and sunset are additional attractions. Assam, a traveler's paradise, promises a mesmerizing experience and a renewed lease on life. Explore the beauty of Assam and Northeast India with the best travel agency, Assam Discovery. Indeed, Assam is a true traveler's heaven.