Nagaland Land of Festivals

Nagaland is a mountainous state in northeast India, bordering Myanmar. It's home to diverse indigenous tribes, with festivals and markets celebrating the different tribes' culture. Its capital city of Kohima suffered heavy fighting in World War II, commemorated by memorials at the Kohima War Cemetery. The Nagaland State Museum exhibits ancient weaponry, a ceremonial drum and other traditional Naga cultural artifacts.
A festival of festivals Hornbill festival, which is celebrated in heritage village of Kisama near Kohima. The festivity of 16th Naga tribe is showcased in this annual festival. Hornbill festival is foodies dream and Photographers delight.
Dzuko Valley
Dzuko valley is natures paradise. The green valley is famous for its natural beauty and flora & fauna. Trackers paradise and love for nature seekers. Its natural environment is situated on an altitude of 2452 meters and refreshing.
The land of konyak tribe naga. Konyak nagas are known for tottooed face ,black teeth and head hunting prowess.The king is known as ANGH and holds the glory over his community and his house is tribal power centre. On a distance of approx 35KM lies LONGWA the transboundry village which straddles india and mayanmar.The village was known for head hunting practices,thankfully the last being many decades ago.The area is controlled by the ANGH (King) and village council chairman.Village is having many cultural and traditional practices of Konyak tribes.
It is one of the most charismatic destinations to see in Nagaland. The blend of the ancient and the modern has painted this town in interesting color and Kohima has become an indelible landmark for the state Its serene atmosphere makes you unwind and relax .The kohima village , Barra basti , showcases the Naga way of life. Kohima is hilly town makes it a perfect place for adventurous activities like trekking, jungle camping and rock climbing .World War II cemetery will remind the actions allied forces . places in kohima State Museum, World war II cemetery, Heritage museum and crafts, kohima Zoo.